Fathomless Eternity.

Leaving everything with a resignation.
living with great relaxation
experiencing the pleasures as they come
relaxing with contentment.
thinking about nothing at large.
setting a goal without an aim.
treading the path without a focus.
shooting a picture without an eye.
writing all things fathomless without thought.
reading something at random.
eating anything when hungry.
sleeping whenever one wishes
Well this has become the way of my life
Could be rightly called straightaway
as a life without a meaning
and a life without any expectation.
Living thus and in such manner
the days prolong most times
and the hours get shortened at times
while the minutes drags on endlessly
the seconds vanish in a wink
as the years get ahead to a decade.
I go on submerging into the depth
wishing to get lost in the fathomless eternity


Hooked At Last—Allegory

It is a wait
a long wait
for the bait
down the river.

the hook is sharp
very sharp
to catch the carp
down the river.

The net is large
too large
let from the barge
down the river.

The boy is small
tiny and small
waiting for the call
down the river.

The download (13)carp bites the insect
a wee like insect
then dives down in an intersect
down the river.

It comes up again
again and again
gets hooked at last
goes away from the river.


An Unfortunate Woman.

Braving the weather.
Sustaining the temper.
Surviving the attack.
Sailing through bad tidesliving on the pavement.
she carried on her living
with a paucity in dwelling
with a morsel to eat
having nothing to beat.
She undaunted lived all the same
along with her children to name
relying on noting good
facing the rude
lying on the pavement
waiting for a betterment
as nothing seem to reach her
she quietly lay down without a murmur.


A Fraudster

Doing wrong all the time
but living in prime
calling himself a saint
boasting he has no taint
made me miserably faint.

Taking money from the common pool
believing others to be a fool
saying it is his wife’s tool
getting it approved as a rule
going about like a mule.

He has prospered thus far
never entering the war
but making good of the disposition
being the eldest in position
posing himself a saint in occupation.

As all things have to fall in places
his deal has been diligently in chase.
His deceit has come out from the haze
and now feel shy and bad to face
by hiding himself from everyone’s gaze.fraud