Born Leader..

There she goes with authority
There she walks with audacity.
There she loiters with a command.
There she saunters with demand.

Being an uncrowned queen for long
Exerting her power in long.
Taking everything in hand
Giving out nothing out of hand.

As she rules supreme over all
She goes about tall.
Being held in high esteem
She gets the backing of the team.

With her power and tact
her position becomes intact.
None aspire to take the lead
as she is a bornrman5757l leader.


The Girl in Distress.

Life is a tale she says
Life is a call she feels
Life is a burden as she experiences.
Life is nothing she throws up.

It is agonising to see her.
as she throws up her towels
fuming and frothing over and over
desperately shuddering in anger.

A setback has seized her with fear.
Coming out is a task a long one
Time is the best healer as all know.
She has to come out however hard it be.

Knowing her for long from childhood
has put me in deep distress now.
As a child she was a go lucky girl
but now she is in great stress.

She bites her lips to control herself.
Blood oozes out drop by drop.
I leave her to herself for quite some time
as solitude would pacify her distressed-girl


Living long.

homepict2aLiving long is a bane
cries an old man in pain
suffering from loneliness
succumbing to fretfulness

Living long is fun
says an old woman with a pun
laughing heartily with cheer
ignoring the care of the dear..

Living long is neither bane
nor fun says the one who is sane.
with an intention to live wholly
and go through the span enduringly.

Perceptions differ from one to one.
one could afford a pretty run
the other sets a dispassion
yet another accepts in fashion.

It is all in the mind
good or bad and kind
emanates from within
manoeuvering a fill in

Living with the world
keeping up the pace in words.
Catching up with the tide
offers a graceful side.


I Do Not know.

Little do I know
about the language.
Little do I know
about the grammar.
Little do I know
about the structure
Little do I know
about the usage.
little do i know
about the punctuations.
Little do I know
about the period.
Little do I know
about the intricacies.
But I do speak.
More so I do write.
Mostly I write some poetry.
I-Don't-KnowHow do you?
You might ask.
How do I ?
I wonder
coming out with an answer.
I really do not know.


Enchanting Rush.

There is a mad rush to a place
and an unprecedented chase
going on in different phase
know not how to face.

There is a gold find there.
The people flock to share.
They take extreme care.
Hope it is not a snare.

Slogging and toiling day and night
Time passes on in a the site.
Unearthing the yellow metal in the plight.
making a fortune at sight.

On hearing there is more rush
as people throng with a push
informing all to keep hush
as it would bring in a big crush.

Mining goes on for days
Every day’s record is beaten in ways.
Men collect gold with a craze.
They grow rich in a daze.

The power of wealth is great
Acquiring it in a rate
unmindful of the fate
looks enchanting on (10)


There Go The People.

The lure for the land plenty.
the desire to move to it
from the land of scanty
has knocked all in bits.

Endowed with richness
the land is an attraction
while there grows a denseness
the land left behindland of plenty is a detraction.

The intensity mounts to levels
as the exodus grows.
The density diminishes to levels
as the migration grows.

The proportion is not balanced
with the rise on one side
and the ratio is imbalanced
with the fall on other side.

The disparity is startling
as there is no equanimity.
It is but deviating
as there is no uniformity.


Randomly Said.

It is an abide.
There is nothing to hide.
It is a slide.
Not of a pleasant ride.
It is a side.
Going by the tide.
It is an aid.
Rendered by the paid.
She is a brideBe-Beautiful-Bride-With-Stylish-Nose-Rings (1)
beaming with pride.