Man Without Ethics.

A man who knows not music could enjoy it.
A man who knows not dancing could appreciate it.
A man who knows not basic additions could never do accounts.
What for I know not?

Being basically illiterate and dull headed
He dictates terms to all with a raised head.
With a comical look and crooked head
he goes on with his command and demand.

Getting no response from any one
as all know his merits which cause fun.
He then starts silently to rob his sibling
with a ravenous appetite and a deceitful inkling.

Goes he in a drastic speed by stealing the most.
get caught in the middle red-handed by his host
who is none other than his sibling in the foremost
gets he judging slaps from the sibling’s progeny to the fullest.


Desire Ushers A Follow.

Falling back into the track
slowly with a slack
pushing the issues in the back
getting ahead in a crack.

Liking to set eyes on the going
Harness the potential in a buoying.
Learning to note from the ongoing
Trying to keep pace with the moving.

With the desire comes the follow
without it all would become hollow.
then it would appear like a shallow
and sink into the oblivion far below.

Along with the follow enters the dedication.
It calls for a straight intervention.
Working hard on the directions
it draws an inimitable resolution.desire


Hop And Pop

With a hop and a pop
with a pop and a hop
my life goes on.

With a worry and a hurry
with a hurry and a worry
my life moves on.

Being here and there
being there and here
my life gets on.

Being glad and sad
being sad and glad
my life takes on.

With this being so
with that being sotimthumb
I have lived so long.

With the end coming close
with the end seeming far
I live awaiting the final pass