Shot By Shot_— Haiku.

A big shot
came in with a big shout
calling all out.

A gundownload (9) shot
pierced through with loud shout
felling all out.

A pointed shot
taken precisely without any shout
captured everyone out.

It was shot
beautifully taken amidst great shouts
shot by shot.


Love is Blind.

Love is blind goes the adage.
How much blind really?
Being blind to status in a gauge
Never thought of colour in a stage.
Not attached to creed in a rage.
Very much akin to understanding in a wage.
As there is nothing more to get engaged.
Little or none being in controversy to get enraged.
Writing about love in a page
becomes a hard task even to a sage.
So going with the adage
that love is blind
is apparently alove is blind. rare find
if it is really a bind
then it is an affair kind.
It it turns out to be sour in the hind
then it is an exchange unkind.


An Attitude Difficile

ideas and ideologies are running me mad.
Ideals and identifications are keeping me sad.
These being a pull down for my performance
I am crawling in snail speed.
The thought of how I am going to cope up
still worsens my applications
as I am an introvert in nature.

Needing space and pace to do things
that too all by myself
refraining others to get into any work
I become unpopular among my friends.
But once I get things accomplished
they would look fine and presentable
appreciated and admired by all.

If am subjected to criticisms
I would set them aside
not touching them for life.
An attitude which causes a pause
and leads to a break in progress.
Know not from where I got it?introvert
and from where i learnt it?


Ill Sounding.

The calm of the morn got disturbed
The back yard echoes with a sound
tumultuous and jarring piercing the ears
sending waves of dust across
drenching the yard with dusty smoke

As I could not stay long in the back
came to the porch with my newspapers.
Misery again with a different noise
It is the beating of drums with full vigour
denoting that somebody has passed away.

Digging the already injured earth
Penetrating it for more water on one side.
Drum beats in a house where the departed is laid
do not augur well with the sombre occasions.
Am I going into other’s affairs too much?