Strain And Drain

Having gone through a day full of toils
not physical labour but one of mental
the mind and body both got tired
unable to withstand the strain and drain.

Physical work needs much stamina and will
which goes on without mush effort to the mind
but the mental strain is immeasurable
combining both mind and body.

This day particularly is one of great deliberations
a dilemma persisting throughout the hours
keeping one in difficult stress and press
releasing a hurt and an injury to the mind.

The mind in its activity loses its coordination
becoming dull and dumb at times
producing a temporary halt and a forgetfulness
sending waves of derangement of both body and mind.

Coping with such situation from morn
very much wanted to relax and sleep
but sleep does not come as naturally as ever
since the mind keeps on wandering in all directions.
mental strain


The little Blue Bird.

Seeing a blue bird in the morning
got thrilled more and more
as its colour was something unique
It was a variety of blue
not able to say exactly true
but a shine and a gleam thereto
that made one look through and through.
The blue bird sat on a bush
thick,fluffy and green all over not to rush
a pale green that had a cluster of dew drops
glittering like silver in the dawn as backdrop
marked by orange rays restoring and revitalising
The morn gave me a great experience rejuvenating
being colourful and lovely, picturesque and grand
If I had known painting I would have drawn
the most lovable scene on canvas blue bird.
qualifying for a wonderful reward.


Not True

He believes his siblings most
thinking them to be great
dumping his wife and children
who stand by him of late
telling them they are not fit
and refrains from talking
fearing they would question
speaks to his wife
just for believenecessity
now she has decided
to keep away from him
as she Knows that
he would not stand by her.


A Way To Succeed.

A sensible way is to get out of chaos
gconfusionetting deep into the confusion
adds fuel to the fire feel many
leading to a place nowhere
but certainly predicts a doom.
With that in mind playing a safe game
he elopes away rather ticklish
creating a secure fence around him
making him invincible and triumphant.
Well, it is how one should act
if one wants to succeed alone
but if one wishes to consider the whole thing
then has to get into the depth
unravel the mystery that surrounds it
going ahead in a mission to set right
the human race which is going astray alarmingly.