Counting And Checking.

counting  and checkingA day of going through accounts
with every penny being counted
every expense being entered.
Then adding them up together
checking the balance
finding variations in books
and in cash in hand
went on once again to total
tracking few errors
checked once again the cash
till not able to tally both
again started to add up
Oh! how many times I have to do
I really do not know
either I would have forgotten some transaction
or I should be a muff and dull headed
going wrong in basic additions.
Feeling greatly for memory loss
and lack of skill in addition .
With aging memory fails
learning too becomes an impossibility.


Evil Design

The design got bust.
It had nothing just.
Everything was fused
All issues were forged.

The designers got lost.
Their ideas were exposed fast.
Getting them into trouble,.
Placing them in a stumble.

Not knowing what to do finally
They decided to fly immediately.
Making good with their loot
fearing the legalitiesexpel en suite.


The Greedy Duo

Nothing great is to happen.
Nothing much is going to transpire
Nothing more is seen to transcribe.
Nothing else is left to translate
Nothing to be transformed
as everything has been robbed
Everything has been stolen.
Everything has been taken away.
Leaving nothing in reality
and also nothing beinggreedy duo left in books.
Even after they contest and confront
wanting to take away the piece of cloth left.