Looking Through Love.

Love seen through the eyes
Amour visible through the movement of hands
holding together in amity and extreme affection
Smiling and giggling for nothing
Nodding and nudging at times.
Enthusiastic and excited mostly
Gesturing with a feature adorable
All done with discretion perfect
performedthrough-the-eyes-of-God-2-237x300 with modulations precise.
tell us quietly and softly as though in a whisper
that both have fallen for each other
and are bound by true love.

Actions Child concept Enrichment Poem

Raising A Family

Man and woman unite in amour.
They start the family with glamour.
With love they live together
to raise a family in good weather.

In the early years of intimacy the family enlarges.
The entry of the child gives the parents the charge
of becoming responsible and duty bound.
No more of playful tussles in the round.

The toned down parents take up the challenge.
as bringing up a child is a difficult manage
much different from the earlier engage
filling in with tasks and schedules in a range.

In no time the family grows with another child.
The accustomed household adjusts to the new find.
Children reach the teen age in the course of time
With that a careful watch also comes in with a chime.

It goes without saying that family is the biggest corporate.
Any one deviation would bring in an expensive degenerate.
The unit has to be held intact without a single break.
Otherwise there would be an alarming outbreak.