Unlawful Flourish

The intention to hold
the feverish inclination to cut short
the burning desire to defer
the funds due to the legitimate
finds an entry into courts
where the arguments go on for months
with the lawyers getting paid hefty
while the judge gets into mediating
but the money goes into wrong hands
andthis entity recovers from the claim
by the support of the holders.
The talk of money sends the detainees
far way into the wilderness
while the rightful person
goes about seeking justice
from post to pillar
where justice is being delayed.
They say that the unlawful would be punished
but to my knowledge and experience
though not being vast and in-depth
I see the wrongdoers and their illegal transactions
go unnoticed both by judiciary and whom punish you call
the great God who penalises the sinners.
Nothing of that kind do happen
as those who trespass make merry
and go joyful in the day-to-day life.