Could There Be Anyone Around?

Placed some grains on the parapet wall

the sparrows came near  the wall

saw this way and that way in fear

could there be anyone around?


Stood a little away from the wall

they perched themselves on the wall

saw this way and that way in fear

could there be anyone around?


They  picked the grains from the wall

one by one they flew from the wall

saw this way and that way in fear

could there be anyone around?


The necessity drives one to the wall

who struggles to get over the wall

forces one to see this way and that way

could there be anyone around?



Life is ours all the same

others are there only in name

clear the mind out of fear

there could be no one around.sparrows







The World Is Made Of

world made of
Going about saying that I am most reasonable
going about remarking I am the most honest
would look good for a time
not always as it becomes a monotony
keeping us away from reality
taking us to a world of fantasy
leaving us to brood over and over again
that we are heavenly beings wrongly put on earth

A quick get into the world and merge
not minding to diffuse in the throng
not keeping away from the crowd
might look refreshing and entertaining to most
but a few amongst us would wish to keep away
not able to cope up with the rash and splash
standing out in the corner perceiving the world’s move
and accepting the thrive without any remorse.

As put forth there are many variants amongst us
one thinking great and high reigning at the top of the world
the other picking up with the majority in the sail
while the rest refraining from both but walking measuredly
makes this world of habitation with both long and short entities
who fly high with wings imaginary higher and higher
who float on the sea with thoughts ordinary
who tread along the path with inclinations strange and chaste
that go to the make up the world in all its extensions.


Beating Around.

Beating arounbeating aroundd the bush all the time
the sparrow was making merry of its time
neither finding food for its little ones
nor fending for itself in the run.

Tweeting and chirping all around
playing and hopping in the round
forgetting the little ones in the nest
the sparrow was enjoying at the best.

The little ones squeaked from the tree
being hungry and wanting to be fed free
They called for their mother all in one voice
the mother was running about with a choice.

The poor little sparrows cried and cried
Not getting any response could not abide
so tried to fly from the nest in tricky hops
Lo! they failed miserably falling as drops.

The task of coming direct to the point
should be the motivation of all in a joint.
Getting straight at anything is the best
as it is a resolution faring well when put to test.