Sad And Drawn.

With the love in he eyes
and a kindness in her way
she crossed all the barriers
sometimes with a stumble
other times in a jumble
most times without a fumble.

On reaching her destination
she gently whistled
though being not feminine
she did it with a terrible shine
reflecting one of achievement
refracting one of amendment
restoring one of faith and averment.

While having got over all hurdles
in slow and steady speed
her life by now has come to an end
signifying that she is in the last period
where her ebullience has subsided
and her diligence has succumbed to age
pushing her to retirement and reconsideration.

That is all is found in her life
which is one of battle and restitution
where there had been no sense of enjoyment
but only confrontations and controversies
that have sucked her energy to a level nothing
with that she is looking the shadow of her original
mucdrawn_girl_sad_angel_by_amquintero-d36z7nlh drawn out and sad having faced all mishaps.