Anything Beyond?

All times  Man made weapons,

The bow and arrow of yore,

The spear and shield of the medieval,

The  tanks and bombs of the modern,

Forge on an enmity,

Mostly for power,

More so for greed,

Little for competition,

Casting  a  bloodshed,

Creating untold  misery,

Making  unsound frenzy,

Causing death,

The panic  thus unleashed,

Lets one cry,

Lets one sob,

Lets one  query,

What is all this for?

Creativity should be applauded.

With definite encumbrance,

Should it focus on welfare,

Well and good,

If it is   towards destruction,

Never and  not at all.

As there are  many things beyond,

Power, wealth and competition.

There are other quiet things,

Not much thought of,

But most honourable,

They are Love and tranquillity.