Buying a car

Choices plenty

Ten to fifteen years back buying a car  in India was damn easy.

Only two variants were available-Ambassador and  fiat.

People with a large family and who loaded the car to the brim preferred Ambassadors.

The choice of Fiat was for the person who loved style.

The price was almost the same.

They fitted the Indian road condition perfectly.

Now the Indian market is flooded with umpteen variants.

BMW ,Mercedez  Audi ,caters to the uppermost  strata of society.

Nissan Teana, Toyota camry, Pajero,Honda CRV  suits the upper class.

Skoda octavia, Innova, Toyota Altis, Volkswagon Jetta, Honda , cheverlote, Ford ,Hyundai’s certain models

are bought by the miidle order rich.

Tata ‘sIndica & Indigo, Maruti,Hyundai ‘s low end models, are for the clients of moderate means.

The  recent launch Rs onelakh  Nano is the most attractive.

The  average Indian is baffled to see so many models.

Earlier ,cars were symbols of prosperity.

Now as loans are available in plenty, the volume of sales has increased manifold.

The advent of efficient models ,have increased road traffic.

Chaos ,confusion and pollution add to the prevalent congestion.

Roads In India remain rough and bumpy.

The speed breakers in near frequencies, produce solid bumps on the head of the passenger.

Bumps in the roads and bumps in the head,give a whimsical picture.

Travel is a pleasure in most countries.

In India travel is a travail.

Cars may come in different  shape,  in trendy design,  with fine capacity, ,but the roads remain the same.

Indians would have been a happier lot with ambassadors and Fiats

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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