Theory of Bail out.

A close watch of the developments of the bail out plan is making me a thorough bred economist.

Today morning , I was browsing through the morning news paper.

My milk man slowly walked through the pathway.

He scratched his head,cleared his throat,meekly called me.”amma.”

i was amused to see his rehearsal.

“Yes ,Madhav,tell me”

“Amma, I have to raise the milk price.”

Why ?Only a month back you hiked the price.

No amma, the bail out plan in U.S is about to be passed.

I was dumb founded.

U.S bail out of $700 billion relates  to my milk price.

“O.K. madhav. I will review it and let you know.”

After break fast, I had to go to the marker to buy vegetables for the week.

My regular vendor, advised  me to buy a little extra, as he is expecting the prices to go up.

I asked him the reason.

‘ Amma ,you are so ignorant, the U.S senate is going to approve the rescue plan”

“There is lot of cheer in the market”

I was baffled.

Oh! God!.

Deliberating on the push outs, I felt it is better to stock my grocery too.

I rushed to my grocer.

He welcomed me, with a big smile.

Before I could place my order,he brought a big pack

 .’Amma ,you are very slow to take note of the world economy.’

‘Having been my customer, for so many years, I have taken care to provide you with all your regualr buys.

This time ,it will last for two months.

I do not want to tax my customer ,with exorbitant price”

I was speech less.

I nodded my head vigorously.

I thanked him profusely for his timely action.

Bail out, is affecting my daily routine.

The milk man, the vegetable vendor, and the grocer  have made me small.