Fascinating Eyes.

Definition and much more.

My little Meenu was singing the famous rhyme ,

Chubby cheeks,

Dimple chin ,

Rosy lips,

curly hair.

eyes are blue ,

I love you true.

While I was enjoying the rhyme sweetly rendered .

I was struck by a revelation.

Why  we give so much importance to the eyes?

I tell you truly,

Eyes  reflect many a characteristics of man.

There are different kinds of eyes,

Protruding, deep sunk,floating, fish like,are  some special variants.

The much common name in India Meenakshi denotes fish like eyes.

Meen is fish.

The Mongolian race has very small eyes,only a curve .

The colour of the eyes  are a pointer to the different races.

Blue, golden ,brown and black  tell us  whether one is an European ,Asian,African,.

Apart from this physical distinctions ,the eyes give us a detailed analysis of a man’s nature.

A twinkle in the eyes reflects happiness.

A droop in the eyes marks melancholy. 

A sprightly look depicts liveliness

A curious sight proclaims intelligence.

A vague demenaour insists dullness.

A soft look pronounces kindness.

An impish swing locates mischief.

A harsh cast revolves round anger.

An evil stare predicts wickedness.

A grave throw forecasts soberity.

Eyes display life .

Eyes are the most vital and the most active component of the human anatomy. 

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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