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Heart Shrivels..

 While celebrating at the sight of grandeur.

 When revelling at the thought of prosperity,

  While rejoicing  at the glorious frenzy,

 When relaxing  on the distinctive  criteria,

While reacting on typical issues, 

The heart withdraws.


 While resigning on the mundane claims,

When  accepting the  responsibilities,

While affirming the discrepancies,

When allowing the  curiosities,

While forwarding the authority,

The heart hesitates.



While working on the  clauses,

When recounting the activities,

While making a remarkable surplus,

When deliberating on a worthy execution,

While  extending  a promising vent out,

The heart recoils.


While the mind  overwhelms the desire,

When the  faculty overtakes the  thought,

While the insights dethrone the impulsion,

When the reasons outsmart passions,

While the fact triumphs over fiction,

The heart shrivels.