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Who Is God?

I question,

Who is God?

My mind tells ,

There is no such,

My heart cries ,

There is so much.


Listen ,my mind says,

God is  truth,

God is  straight ,

God is   fearless,

God is righteous,

God is Nature.



No, shouts my heart,

God is  concept,

God is  belief,

God is  powerful,

God is everywhere,

God has form.


Nay bellows my mind,

God has no form,

God has no rules,

God has no demands,

God has no refrains,

God has no distinction.



Not at all blares the heart,

God has various forms,

God has  numerous regulations,

God has excessive calls,

God has enormous  restrictions,

God has lot of discriminations.



Mind talks in a deep voice,

God is man-made.

Heart resounds in a shrill tone.

Man is God made.

Controversies rage high,

Confusions  blow up.








Mind queries in  a sharp note

How many Gods are there?

Heart replies in a loud calibre,

They are innumerable.

Mind chuckling continues,

What do they preach?

Heart bubbling adds,

They profess faith



Mind persists  in a diffident play,

How many religions are there.?

Heart answers with rage,

There are so many.

Mind breaks into a laugh.

Heart shakes with anger.



Whom do you support?

Whom do you endorse?

Is the mind right?

Is the heart correct?

Tell me all of you,

As I know no answer.