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Man Prays

Did you hear a prayer?

Do you know what it is?

It is Man’s desire.

It is Man’s wish.


Did you listen keenly?

Do you know  what it is?

It is Man’s  requisition,

It is Man’s  need.


What does man expect?

He wants all things good.

He requires all things beautiful

He loves all things great.



Why does he pray?

He does for  his welfare

He does for his promotion.

He  does for his  prosperity.



Oh ! then it is an act.

It is a pretension.

It is self-conceit.

It is anything but love.



Hmm! yes it is that,

It is  not an experience.

It is not a meditation.

It is  anything but trance.

Oh ! Is it so?

It is  not for  community.

It is not for service.

It denotes  anything but charity.


Lo! Well it is so.

Everything he wants to amass.

Everything he moves to assume.

It indicates anything  but earnestness


True !! That is Man,

That is every human..

That is every mortal ,

It focuses on anything but truth.