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Use And Throw.

From time immemorial . the concept “use and throw “is in vogue.

Cooking was done in earthen pots.

The “use and throw ” pattern is  found here.

Before plates, made their advent ,it was the leaves that were laid down  to partake.

The “use and throw ” method was adopted.

Glasses ,cups ho;d our beverages now.

Long back, it was cup made of leaves  that were utilised.

Once again, it was the “use and throw” functionary which was predominant.

Gunny bags  small and big were taken to purchase goods.

Cloth bags were provided by the shops for buys.

Baskets were made of bamboo.

Vessels were scrubbed and washed  with natural ash.

Coconut fibre was used to cleanse the adamant stains.

Everything was rom Nature.

Nature gave in plenty and accepted back in grace.

It was  a complete eco-friendly  scenario.


Now “Use and throw” , has taken a  not thought of dimension.

It is  a plastic era.

We see plastic in  different forms.

Once used , it is thrown out.

It lies strewn on the earth, totally not decomposed.

It spoils Nature .

It spreads danger.