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A Dead Man Pays Tax.

Treachery to the essence.

Heard of dead man jumping up.

Heard of dead man showing movements.

Even heard of dead man getting up .

These all occurred immediately  after death

After nearly two years of his death, a dead man had paid tax for the years he was not alive.

Does it seem ridiculous?

Does it seem incongruous.?


To top it all, the dead man has not got the receipt  for paying tax  from the department.

Now , it is  eleven years  since he paid tax.

He has to come again to receive the receipt in person.



The executor of his will, his eldest son, who has paid, is the hero behind the cast.

Is it due to ignorance ?

Is it  a case of misappropriation of funds?


The catch is there.

The executor of the will and the department officials know the truth.

I assume a  major part of it has gone to the executor.

Marginal portion to the officials , who helped him to ordinate the device..



Anyhow , the episode necessitates publication, for the reason that in India , a land of God men, anything is possible.

We know of people  who conceal the income to evade tax.

I am proud , that at least there are few Indians, instead of resting in the grave, voluntarily pay tax for the period of time when they are not alive.

Is it a ghost tale?

Yes , it is a living ghosts  who is the protagonists in this unbelievable anecdote


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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