Poetry qualify song

The Less Qualified

Nevertheless they say.
None the less it goes
More or less it matters
Little less they play.

The less is found in all
Hopeless they fall
Useless they call
Ruthless they behave.

The less you are the great you feel
The less you talk the more you achieve.
The less you weigh the most agile you feel.
The less anger doubles your joy.

That be a song on less.
Please do not value it less.
I thought in a way of less.
I wrote in a way different about less
less talk

bright character dark fail. Poetry veil

The Soft She Was.

Soft she was in her talk
smile she did at any task
a tenderness not shown to all
she could also hurt in a call.

Soft she was with her children always
never did she restrict their ways
wayward they went as times passed
uncontrollable they became very fast.

Just like that she made spiteful remarks
easily she passed such in a flowing embark
never once felt she had hurt so many others
that was her character in short rather.

Her children brought her ignominy
she kept aside all those as a testimony
the failure in not chastising her kids
got compensated in all her other bids.crime_fraud3

That way she lived and passed
never thought she has trespassed
her darker side was veiled
bright side of her face failed.

Not that I want to say anything ill of her
the stab she unwittingly inflicted on others
leaves a dismay and disappointment in a tell
a stigma she has left behind her in a shell.

Poetry Tidings

Happy Tidings

it was a day of fortune

the events were in tune

the day dawned Glad-tidings-Large-900x900 bright

the activities started right

a quick walk around

a stroll in the surround

a leisurely bath very soothing

and a quiet  breakfast reviving

stream of phone calls in the line

not one but all in nine

one by one they disclose

desirable transactions in force

eyes light up with astonishment

iit is hard to believe, an amazemen

Well, the day has begun well

as my heart enlarges with a swell