Kolam Poetry

Margali Maha Utsav

With Mid-December comes piety
the routine changes directly
an awake at the early hours
followed by a bath at the wee hours
a quick clean of the front yard
a draw of design in honour of the Lord
kolam as it is known all over
flowers at the middle exudes beauty.

The temples elicit a striking endear
the musical melody enhances the cheer
the diyas modestly throw a light dim
the priests chant the mantras in grim
divinity encircles the surround
devotion overwhelms in an abound
an experience of great enthrallment
Margali extends an exalted attainment.Kolam2_8

Poetry prayer Street

Peace On The Street

Today morning I see a bright sun
shining gay and with fun.
Hope it goes through the day
as terrorism Lindt cafe could erupt in the way.
where it could be none can predict?

The apprehension gnaws through the vein
wants to ask is man really sane?
Why does he behave so atrocious?
it is a case of psychological excess
Why this happens none can predict?

With that in mind, a prayer comes across
let us not take any risk in a toss
let us unite together in all earnest
sink the religious adherence at best
Will this bring peace to the streets?