coherence. intervention Poetry

The Colours Play

A grocer has colours too
a greengrocer is one
so do the smiths
the blacksmith
and the goldsmith
goes on colours in names too
there are Whites, Blacks
and Greens, Violet
and Rose in a pictorial hue
no semblance to the people
no connection to their names
the colours go into the stream
seamless is their intervention
subtle is their connotation
lovely they are in istock_000002746120smallan apparent jurisdiction.

bliss grace picture Poetry

Mother Feeds—-No Inhibition

A child hungrily sucks the breast
the mother holds him in a fond rest
a beautiful sight to view
the child has no clue
hunger is his only thought
other than else no other slot
the mother’s blood turns into milk
the child finishes his feed with a lick
the milk being a life-giving nectar
complements and supplements all sectors
it is a boon to both the giver and the receiver
like mercy it is twice blest
blesses the one that gives
and the one that takes
with the mother having gained benefits
the child nevertheless faces no deficit
they present a picture of bliss and grace
nothing to do with scorn even breast feedingin a trace.

Poetry possibilty

The Theory Of Possibility

A drizzle in drips
held me in a grip
mind you the flower like
captivated an iron like
that too happens in a jolt
unexpected comes from the bolt
the petite girl pretty and mild
win over the man huge and wild
the heart firm and resolute
extends compassion absolute
the theory of possibility as seen
seems not very keen
fumbles with a slip and fall
differs from the writing on the wall.