Poetry strength


Tears show many
feelings of happiness and remorse
overshadows the strength.Tears


The Squirrel And Ramayana

The squirrels cross my mind often
do also accost me direct
the one I found in Canada
like a big fat hen
looked so robust and strong
both in black and red tone
busy going up and down
gnawing nuts on the way.

The squirrels I see In India
look small and cute
light brown, could I say a mix
of grey and brown in a fix
with prominent stripes on the body
running all over in a mood gay
gnawing fruits on the way.

The stripes I see is peculiar
hold a story strange
attached to a mythology
tagged to the epic Ramayana
where Lord Rama touched the tiny one
the stripes appeared in a sudden
the Lord expressed his gratitude
as the squirrel helped him to win Ravana.

The epic highlights the theme
the smallest one could also render help
a significant illustration of love
a possible interpretation in the course
a symbolic representation of the values
and a point out that small is truly great
the stripes illustrate the theme of beatitude
along with the highest gratitude