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A Perfect Match

A man known to me
feels so secure
thinks he is immortal
lives in a world
of his own not very great
but very cheap and stinking
assumes he is the richest
presumes he is the cleverest
whereas he knows not to speak
coherently leave alone with sanity
his voice goes up and down
between various frequencies
with a little or no literacy
he circumvents and circumspects
being that all idiocy
abridged in his scarecrow form
that be his physical appearance
he is a menace and a parasite
gnawing and eating over
goes on unbridled
and lives like a miser
with his lovely wife
who is equal to him
in all respects and aspects
a perfect match perhaps God’s will
might had been so some forty-five years ago
they live together happily in a house
that belongs to too many
but they have usurped the place
giving no space to others
a wretched pair they are.
May their tribe increase!
May they flourish!
May they prosper!perfect match
till tides turn across.