Actions Money

The Game Of Making Money

The gallery of pictures
photographs and portraits
is a welcome change
to the computer savvy
who spends hours together
in information technology
serving a nation some
thousands of kilometers away.
burning the midnight oil
and working in shifts
abusing the mind and body
all at a time with receding hair
a small paunch and thick glasses.
Walking with a lag ,eating junk food,
and gazing at the screen, almost
a man of no life and blood
but mechanism and currency
go to form the bet with a cry
whoever strains more gets more
investing in a posh apartment
pays the loan to banks in
equated monthly instalments
finally ends up as a man
relevant of wealth but an
anachronism to the niceties
of which the world is made of.
Well ,coming to the gallery,
this man walks past along
mildly touching the paintings
and photographs with amity
and love that he has
so far missed while playing
the game of making money


Actions Poem


The bird flew in circles.
It went up and down
it was hovering high
then it descended low.

The bird then stooped down
and sulked on the ground.
Spread its feathers around.
Covering itself in the foreground.

It lay there still for a few minutes
shirking its feathers violently
it rose up in a momentous flight..
In a quick it flew away.

Turning around I saw another bird yonder
It lay still beaten to death by a passerby.
Having lost its companion the bird had
expressed its bereavement through its restlessness.

Actions Environment Poem

Go Green

It was a pool
so very cool
breeding frogs and tadpoles
all in a gathering hole.

The water is blue
and it reflects true
the colors in a hue
creating a grand flew.

the tadpoles jump
as though in a trump
then they slump
falling near a pump.

The hyacinths in the pool
float in the water cool
presenting a portrayal
not akin to a betrayal.

Well,the pool and its organism
enliven the environment in a realism
going with the solgan
go green in the run,.


Actions Poem

Only Flaw.

The salvation is not near
as the protagonist goes apart
seeking petty trials
precipitatingsalvation massive crimes
in the manner of jealousy
implicating a purposeful hurt
trying to carve an incision
and jeopardy by inflicting
an embittered attack
on the man and his family
who are known for gentleness
renowned for integrity
who so far waited in patience
who had only one flaw that
of adopting a tolerance
which had cost them expensive.
They being not allowed to live
in peace and harmony strive
to pull on overcoming the endanger
which runs lifelong and never finds an end.

Actions Poem

Chaos -Haiku.


A step taken
back or forward in the least.
would clear chaos.

Actions Poem


egoisticThe ego in you
is a curse and a boon
all the same to you
but terminal to others.

The “I ” in you is a pride
that which holds you up
making you proud and
self- centeric on the whole.

The ego is referred
as something derogatory
calling for a clash
between individuals.

The ego is a bloom
if there is a limitation
of reference and recruitment
thus bringing a resolution.

Egoistic is a term
that intends a self-conceit
and a self promotion
ushering in casualties.

Modulations in egoistic is
by tempering the self-interest and
including the public perceptions
would bring about a reformation.