Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

Poetry -Haiku

poetryPoetry is abstract.
It is a spontaneous overflow
Not an interact.


mediationMediation gets across
You might say if
there is amiability.
I say if it had been
there would not have been
a case to mediate.
Understanding is the basis
for mediation and resolution
If there is little or nothing of that
it will not see the light.
It would go to trial.
It would take years.
It would devolve on generations.
releasing nothing in way of settlement.
but more and more of discordant diffusions.


temperature rising.With the temperature rising
travel becomes uneasy.
Travel we have
to fulfill the commitments
be it social or business.
Tiding over we go about
with a strain and a drain
sapping the energy .
depleting the resource.
disabling the mind
destroying the body.
Go we with all these
to make both ends meet
otherwise sustenance
would become a question.