Actions Poem

The Old Man And The Children

Standing in the gate
an old man was watching
the cars plying up and down
pedestrians walking to and fro.

He stood there
for a time little more
caught a glimpse of
a school bus .

The children saw him standing
waved to him lovingly
gave him flying kiss
through the air.

The old man happily
waved back to them
with eyes wet
went back home.

This has been
his daily routine
for years together
which keeps him going.

The lovely children
who wished him first
would have grown
into handsome adults.

The continuity goes on
year after year non stop
with the children going
in the big bus to school.


Poem thoughts

Peace On Earth.

Keeping peace is straight hard
as men are prone to actions good and bad
Actions are vital for progress
without them there would be a redress.

Actions just and good bring peace.
They induce a satisfaction and a please
by ensuing a prosperity and development
adhering to a lively indictment.

Actions unkind and bad bring destruction.
They instigate a displeasure and infection
by impelling a downfall and retrogradation
holding on to impish demonstrations.

Man knowing all this veritable considerations
goes on with his ill-conceived remonstrations
causing trouble within and without
disturbing peace and creating violence.violence.

Actions Poem

A Thought Born.

A peculiar thought it was.
Strange and different
a little quixotic too.

Had it come to mind
a few years ago
it would have seen the light.

Being little late
as years have lapsed
it has lost its relevance.’

Revelling on the preamble
than on the main part
I look strange.

It is a simple thought
very practical and easy
not born on the right time.

It is a crucial and important
if happened in the right moment
would have been a success.

Well, again,I am out of track
going in circles
not tapping the sore.

Yes Now I remember
it is a thought
that of birth.

True, it is I.
not born on right time
an unwanted born baby