Amused Or Bemused

amused.Getting amused over things
has been my way
They help me unwind
the emotional sway.
A light laugh and
a small grin
take me across
the stretch of delight
far away from the plight
of sadness and despair
which take place now
and then in everyone’s life.

Let me tell you
laugh with full heart
expressing pure joy
and exhilaration
demanding nothing
expensive and dear
but extending
tranquillity and
peace in modest
means with endearment
and solicitations.

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The Wish Of A Pond.

pond fishLittle over there, there was
a pond full of fish
which had a lovely wish
that would sound rare.

The wish was very simple
only wanting water in surplus
all the time nevertheless
it should not trickle.

The pond’s wish was granted
It had water to the brim
making people to swim
a liveliness thus enacted.

As years rolled by
an evil eye fell on the pond
as it had to go through a bond
accordingly sales went by.

The pond was levelled,
It was divided into plots
sold by casting ballots
The pond lay dead.

Sky scrapers came in
with twenty to thirty floors
Houses went high up not in rows
creating a bustle and a noisy din

The wish of the pond still
remained alive as told
that it began to flood
as the rain water started to fill.

The inhabitants had a hard day
blocking the water’s entry
with sand bags acting as sentry
struggling to divert its way.

Going by the incidence
felt that offending nature
leads to a terrible torture
causing a situation beyond resistance

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The Clock– Haiku

grandfather_clock_1The clock stood
in grandeur bur without running
called grandfather’s.

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Do little And Do more.

DOo little and Do more.The two sisters in a town
Do little and Do more
lived happily in a house
making their mother mad.

Do little did little
or remained doing nothing
making her mother
do all the more.

Do more did more
or did chaotically more
making her mother
do it once more.

The Do little lazily
slept in a bed cosy
eating and sleeping being
her daily chores.

The Do more enthusiastically
worked always systematic
cleaning, cooking gardening .
not missing any of her duties.

The mother caught in between
the sisters dull and bright
had a tough time
overseeing and completing .

One did nothing
while the other did everything
leading to nothing the result
in both the cases is zero.

Imagine the mother
doing everything not once
but twice all day
getting exhausted all the more.

Do little is better of the two
doing and spoiling nothing
Do more spoilt all things
by doing everything.

Nothing apparently has more value
than infinity uncountable
Learning a lesson we understand
do anything only if you know.

Actions education Poem

Mothers Stand Aside Please.

Jumping and hopping in the garden
the little girl spent her evening
much to the displeasure of her mother.

The girl was good in schoolwork
well equipped in science and maths
excelled in all subjects with distinction.

Yet the mother wanted her to do more.
wishing her daughter to clinch the honour
in an inimitable manner setting a record.

The over enthusiasm of the mother
looked awkward at times turning it into
green greed restricting the child’s pleasures.

The girl with her sweet temper drew a line
between her mother’s ambition and her own outlets
and did extraordinary in her academics in the year-end.

Delighted the mother made a great fuss
unaware of how her daughter made both ends meet.
telling everyone as how she encouraged the girl.

Mothers, please stand aside and watch your ward advance.
let not you impose your wishes on them autocratly
remember childhood crosses only once in life.



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The Hare And Tortoise—-A Dream Race

hareThe while little bunny
sat on his tummy
while munching
a carrot.

The tortoise lazy
moved in a glossy
surface while
in chase of a lizard..

The cute rabbit
as always his habit
thought of the old race
started to run.

The tortoise slow
as ever saw around
and crawled in its pace
with renewed confidence.

The hare ran and ran
The tortoise crawled and crawled
The winning post was little away
I waited with a beating heart.

The hare panting advanced.
The tortoise heaving approached.
Oh! it is going to be a tie
said I relieved.

It was a tie hard to decide
Awarding the honour to both
happily got out from my bed
Lo! it was all but a dream.