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Sensitivity Or Sensibility – I know Not.

depositphotos_5465097-Mother-and-daughter-arguingTake it or leave it
cried my mother.
Angry for what
I know not.
The sudden outburst
was unfamiliar
causing a feeling
of discomfort.
In a freak of anger
justifiable too
like mother
so the daughter
I threw the thing
I remember not
what it was
as years have
rolled and memories
have got rusted.
Sensitive was and is
my weakness as
everybody terms it
but I feel strongly
it is pride and
self-respect that
had held me and
is still holding me
in a status different
from the rest
many might dislike
me and only a
few would agree
with my sensitivity
or rather I would
address it as
sensibility am I right?

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Love Me For What I Am

Michael AngeloLove me for what I am
not for what I am not
said the poetic muse.

Love me not for my beauty
but for the pleasant thoughts
I give you, said the rose.

Love me not for my wisdom
but for the human experience
said Solomon the wise.

Love me not for my bravery
but for my compassion
said Asokha the Emperor .

Love us not for our grandeur
but for our uniqueness
intimate the frescoes of Michael Angelo.

Actions Poem

One A Penny,Two A Penny.

imagesOne a penny two a penny
hot cross bun
goes the rhyme
when pennies were of worth.
now they are pennies
with a puny limit.
Escalation in prices
has reached the sky.
Gold and silver prices
rock up and down
with the fall too little
while the rise is too high.
The land value is exciting
prompting the landed to sell
and become landless.
With the cost becoming dear
travels to places near
provides pleasures nominal.
Where are we moving in the sojourn ?
In prices trying to reach the sky.
In existence going deep down
singing the rhyme
one a penny two a penny
hot cross bun.

Actions education. Poem

Roaring it Is

Degree-Sale-jpg_092651It is largely a business
highly a transaction
leading to a sale
and a purchase
not in terms normally
but rather abstractly
which could yield revenue
not in hundreds or thousands
but in millions and billions
selling not a product alone
but commodities in package
Curious to know
what it is all about.
It is education
that is sold.

Actions Poem


uneasyUneasy lies the head
that wears the crown.
Uneasy it is really
that makes all worn.
Uneasy causes a dizzy
when your body feels.
It creates a busy
when your mind exercises.
Uneasy thoughts coherently
lead to doom in no time
Uneasy acts consistently
create a sham every time.
Well, you know
Uneasy relates gradually
to an embarrassment
Uneasy ends up in quit
when smoothness expires.
Uneasy delegates mainly
a withdrawal unknown,