Actions Poem


uneasyUneasy lies the head
that wears the crown.
Uneasy it is really
that makes all worn.
Uneasy causes a dizzy
when your body feels.
It creates a busy
when your mind exercises.
Uneasy thoughts coherently
lead to doom in no time
Uneasy acts consistently
create a sham every time.
Well, you know
Uneasy relates gradually
to an embarrassment
Uneasy ends up in quit
when smoothness expires.
Uneasy delegates mainly
a withdrawal unknown,

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Please Leave The Deities Alone.

Deities sparkle with diamond crowns.

The dazzling finds itself in all rounds.

The spectacular delight knows no bounds.


The galaxy of crowns and outfits win over.

The eyes of the devotees make a splendid rover.

Feeding on the exciting ostentation with a devour.


The golden and silver outfits are heavy.

Decking the deities with them is not easy.

They pressurize the idols  inflicting marks sticky.


Adorning the idols  causes damage to them.

Flowery  crowns and garlands charm them.

Dressing them with colourful silk adds grace to them.


The deities in their expensive dresses look different.

They appear as images with features indifferent.

The created shine robs the glow in the affront.


Well  the rich indulge in such dear fanaticism.

Showing to the world their wealthy enthusiasm.

They wantonly plunder the temples of their divine realism.