A Trial.

My grand-daughter
made a swift swirl
glided through
with nimble steps
all in a flash.
She called it Ballet.

I tried to do
had a fall
slipped through
with faltering steps
all in a trash.
What shall I call it?ballet.

Actions Poem

One More trick.

With a disarming smile
with an open hand
with a kind look
the leader took
the babe in his arms.
Kissing him with love
placing a gift
on his chest
gave the child
to its mother.
Well, this is
one more trickchild.
to win the votes.

Lost Poem thoughts

It Is Not Lost.

nothing is lost.Thinking that you have lost
brings you badly down.
The thought sticks in your mind
pulling you entirely down.

lost is an attitude abstract
that happens in the mind
That which is lost gets
back to you intact.

it might sound unbelievable
but it is most true.
Losing your childhood innocence
you become an adult reliable.

Does this echo a funny concept?
Ridiculous as it might be
it is the growth personified
that makes a precept.

Financial loss is another factor
that maddens the being.
Wealth dilutes and diffuses
if not deployed in a profitable sector.

Wrong investments bring trouble
leading to a terrible loss.
Well, that is a temporary disruption
akin to a frothy bubble.

The loss of mind is a worthy drop
pushing the man to a flop.
A complacent mindset should bore
the rise and fall in a prop.

Nothing is lost in the game
with winning and losing
are two sides of the coin
indicating a gusto same.

Actions Poem

Own Axis

With a long face
and anger in the eyes
pointing the fingers
pouting the lips
the lady started
her harangue
admonishing some
punishing a few
appreciating none
piling praises
on herself and herself alone.
Then she walked grandly
totally blind
to her faults
of respecting none
performing more than bad
in all her endeavours.

Actions Poem

Stiff And Sullen

Feeling stiff and sullen.
Nothing to think about.
No other work to do.
None to take care off.
Counting the “No’s”
it is better to keep away.
it is best to pop off. stiff.

Actions Poem

The great Player.


The mind is a great player.
At times scores a century.
At times knocks a duck.
With a little straw
it would build palaces .
With a big boulder
it would not erect a shed.
mounting pressures make it
paralysed in one way
They also make it agitated
in another sense ushering
a decayed sensibility
and a defunct stability.
It demoralise the being
getting stuck up somewhere
somewhat in a stunning
incomprehensible status.
To revive it is difficult
and assuaging back to normalcy
measures typical and severe
should step in.

Actions Poem

Hand _ Haiku.

Extending a hand
To the needy and ailingfairy wand
Bestows a wand.