The Cats Crossing

brown cat see cats so many
in my area from tiny
to huge and ironically
they cross me every morn
particularly the brown
one which goes from
right to left when
I open the main door..
There is a saying of yore
in my part of the state
that cats crossing the gate
when one goes out
and mewing loud
when one wakes up
are bad omen bringing bad luck
Well, I have been seeing not one
but scores of them criss crossing
my path from the day let me say
when I was born more than
a half century ago in this land.
Nothing untoward has happened
and no fortune has jacked .
me up when they do not appear.

Actions Poem

Is He A Man?

not sureA man of no stature
Short and thin with distorted feature
twisted hands and treble voice
bass, medium, and high pitch all choice
at the same time in a discordant tone.
Talking or shouting know not what it is.
making funny movements like a croak
shaking his neck on and off and
gesticulating peculiarly with his hands.
as though drawing figures in the air.
No matter what he looks in person
as looks are not his treason
but got from his birth in a fashion
something linked to his genetic order
or else to the disorders or deformities that border.
That which contributes much
are his callous objectives as such
greed and self-conceit in straight
audacious talk and manners as traits
respecting none and cheating
depriving the rights of his sibling .
that prompted me to draw a realistic
analogue to his mannerism in a short pack up
by highlighting his appearance in the backdrop

Actions Poem

Dry Spell

droopingIt was a hectic day.
Cleaning and winding up
the household for a break.
Instructing the staff
to take care
of the house
and the garden.
The monsoon has failed.
The heat is unbearable.
The plants droop .
The flowers bloom
not wholesome
but partial and then dry up.
It looks as though
the plants are crying
My home town looks
like a desert.
To keep the garden alive
have to buy water
which is turning expensive
as the demand rises.
Such failures do happen
once in five years
putting the people
to hardship and fear.
The government
p*ss a silent spectator.

Actions Poem


relationshipRestoring old things is the typical go.
Creativity and originality should contribute to the flow.
Mending and refurbishing it to the erstwhile glow
should be the motto.

Things could be restored to norm
careful execution would prevent any harm..
Skilful craftmanship would bring the charm.
The design should be an adorn.

Looks nowadays could regain grace.
Techniques one by one add up to the race.
Wrinkles and lines that mar the face
are removed with laser base.

As all things get a face lift
relationship does not enjoy this gift
as once broken link refuses to benefit
from these regaining titbits.

Actions Poem

All The Same.

Thaipusam Festival Celebrated In MalaysiaNegotiating through a crowd
which had gathered for a festival
saw many faces which never seemed alike
heard many dialects in the carnival
that did not sound familiar and like
but the way they behaved showed the similarity
in their approach,in their attempts unruly
to clinch the best making one understand
that all men are no different irrespectively
of religion, country, language and brand.

Actions Haiku


flyingFlying in air.
All throughout day and night.
Takes the breath