Actions business Poem

Professional Transfer.

ImmigrationI had a funny interaction
with an official of immigration.
Business is my profession
and entered so without any digression.I
Going through my details the official
saw through me and scrutinised my facial
seeing none of the professional make ups
asked me a question that made me look up.
Why did you enter business as your occupation?
Why not you fill it as a house wife by vocation?
I chuckled to myself and did not bother to answer
as the official has no say over my professional transfer.

Actions Poem

The Smell Strange.

room sprayerAfter a short break
went back home
opening the main door
holding it ajar
found nothing different
but smelt something pleasant.
Sniffing I went inside slowly
failing to find anything unholy
got trepidated and appalled.
Fearing to ask anyone
carefully scrutinised one by one.
Nothing could be found.
Apprehensive,I checked my
wardrobes and almirahs thoroughly.
Parking the car in the garage
my husband walked in at last
and seeing my face with fear
could make out that in real
something was amiss.
he also got the smell in a fizz
and broke into laughter irrelevant
alleviating my disturbance
Holding himself back he came out
that he had forgotten to switch off
the room fragrance spray.


Actions Poem thoughts

A Lady In Pink

lady in pinkA lady walked past
in a gentle stride
with a pink high-heeled
and a pretty pink hand bag
wearing a pink diamond bracelet
and a matching diamond necklace
ears dangling with pink drops
and a pink crystal band
holding her long hair
It was pink all through
and she was also pinkish fair.
It was a delight to look at her
until a time when another
lady simple as she could be
dressed daintily glided
gracefully along the aisle with poise
decked with a lovely benign smile.

Actions Poem thoughts

Loss Imposed.

griefThe things around are in such glare
that my eyes get blind unable to stare.
Stare do I narrowing my eyes at the grandeur
that hangs on ebullient like the chandelier.

Things not trivial with lot of materials
cause a deep hurt and lead to an arterial
insufficiency that leads to an infraction
of both the mind and heart in a reaction.

Let it go and forget it say my friends
as though it is easy to go like the trend.
Going with Shakespeare I affirm
” No one can master the grief
except the one who has it.”

Actions Love Poem

The Good Fat Hen

fat henThere was a big fat hen
in the farm of Ben.
It cackled and hooted
c*ck a doodle doo
waking everyone up
Ben would come with a cup
of boiling tea and a slice of bread
munching he threw the bread
crumbs to the good fat hen which pecked
each one in an attentive note and trekked
behind the fence in search of its chickens
who were spread along the grains dense.
It fed the chickens with what little it had
thus illustrating that motherly affection
comes before everything else .

Actions Poem thoughts

Rendez vous

car signalHaving an appointment at 9.30.a.m.
I had to rush to the rendez vous.
Driving fast as it was already 9 a.m
I dashed against the signal
my car’s bonnet got dented.
I rashly drove further
hopped on the speed breaker
while my head suffered a knock severe.
Bearing the pain I made a swift turn
a bus came and I rammed into it.
Getting down from the car
paying no attention to the shouts
Iran all the way to the rendez vous
Lo! the people have long dispersed