Actions Poem

The Tadpole

tadpole<A little tadpole
came out of the hole
to take a dip in water.
It hopped and jumped
and knocked on a passerby
The tadpole ejected water
which got splashed on the man
Sensing a feel odd
the man shook his leg
The tadpole fell on the ground
tumbling in threes and fours.
In anger the man was
about to stamp on it
The little one moved fast
in an escape and fell
into a pothole of water.
The man cursing
went about his way
as his dress got wet.
and his day spoilt
As it goes the tadpole
signalled a bad omen
and the ugliness
invited a repulse
stirring an unpleasant outrage.

Actions blndness eyes. Poem

Bespectacled Boy

Miltonboy under street light.Under the street light
a boy was reading
wearing thick glasses
and torn trousers.
Straining his eyes
already bespectacled
he was memorizing
Peeping over in anxiety
found out finally
the name of the poem.
“On His Blindness” .
a sonnet that ends
“They also serve who only stand and wait”
a fitting tribute to both Bard and boy.

Actions melodrama Poem


With a sweat on the brow
and a frown on the forehead
twitching the nose
and with the pout on the lips
straining the neck
and walking with a twist
a figure entered the portals

In a shrill cracking voice
raising it high
tempers getting crossed
yelled loud
gesturing with anger
made faces
enacted a melodrama
and walked out of the gate.

Why did she come?
What did she want to tell?
Knowing not the reason
of her anger
Unknowing the cause
for her entry.
I walked into the house.


Redesigning Life

redesignRedesigning life is a requirement
as age takes over in a complement
where dependence becomes foremost
while inability stretches to a supplement
in the form of care, help and other averment.

The thought of being left lonely overcomes
as the feeling of overstaying slowly overwhelms
paralysing the mind to an attitude of decomposing
leaving the already fragile body to a state worrisome.

Setting aside all the loneliness apart
a new design has to take part
to withhold the mind and body intact
that being different from the regular sort.

Dependence on children should never be thought off
as they have their own pursuits to think off.
A deal agreeable to age and time should take off
that would lend a probation to get off.