Poem thoughts

The Grave.

briberyA politician with billions
with a stock of bullion
about to make a trillion
longs for a thousand .

He extracts the amount
from a small timer’s recount
as a spoil for accounts
apportioning for black.

What is he up to?
a friend in incognito
put forth questions two
unanswerable by me too.

Thinking for a while
and analysing in style
my friend brought a file
which exposed the vile.

Bribes small and big
covers like a wig
concealing the rig
from the sleuth’s dig.

Money that comes in
gets out therein
knows not wherein
it goes without a din.

Trillion he might have
thousands make a shave
making him very brave
till he reaches the grave.


The Shadow And The Lark.

I saw a shadow
which was a little hollow
looked very massive
pointing to the infinitive.

The shadow was dark.
found in a park
with a beautiful lark
perched on its bark.

The lark called out
Its companion came out
with a loud shout
reverberating all throughout.

The wind came across
the shadow moved in a floss
dancing along the dark gloss
outsmarting all laws.

The lark flew away
with a fear on the way
holding its companion in a play
speeding through the bay.

The shadow grew in size
becoming bigger in a few tries.
Outgrowing beyond highs
it signalled a heavy sigh.

The lark made good the escape.
Very soon it reached the Cape.
The shadow turning out of shape
collapsed as though in a rape.


colour Poem

Black And White. -Haiku

Black and white
are the colours of races
and documents toodocuments

Actions Poem

Out Of The Rut

Nothing to do
makes me do something.
Something to do
makes me do everything
and I become tied up
once again to the mundane
unable to get out
from the rut.

Actions Poem

Modern Love —Haiku.

Hug and tug
are symbols of modern love
kiss not anymore. hug and tug.

Actions Poem

Shopping In Length.

malls.small shopping.

Shops big and small
shops on pavements
sell goods for a call
high and low.

The belief is so
that big shops
deal with quality in the go
selling branded ones.

The mind-set is so
that small shops
handle mediocre goods in a row
transacting unknown products.

There is one more belief
tha giant malls price
the goods high with no relief
and tax more.

With that goe well
the convincing thought that
small shops sell
for reasonable price.

I believe not these beliefs.
To me shopping is a skill
as to find the quality and tariff
altogether in one go.

Such discriminations
are frivolous and childish
as there are exhibitions
to select and choose.

Small shoppers have
personal touch while
high-end shopping markets enslave
bereft of this intimacy..

Shopping has become a relaxation
a mechanism and automatic
with the online introductions
getting everything at home.

Long ago it was literally
seeing, feeling
and buying virtually.
a lengthy process.

Later on it became’
seeing in hurry and
buying in hurry like a game
a quick procedure.

Now it is express speed
seeing through websites
placing orders online instead
receiving them at home.

There is a change
not in shopping alone
but in every sphere in a range
from medical to learning.


Actions Poem

Arithmetical Game.

The time was short and terse
The task was great and hard
The ratio being inverse.
needed attention not slip shodratio.

Not only attention in terms straight
but required undue proficiency
The ratio being direct.
one balancing the other in efficiency.

Life is a calculation
of add ups and deficits
The prowess to solution
lies in our hands still. explicit.

Applying the principle
of arithmetic in proportion
the task of fulfilling the valuables
becomes an easy disposition.