Actions gamble Poem


gamble_Gamble is a game
not of fun primarily
but specifically a play
for money exactly
while playing cards
and while dealing with stocks
where there is a need
for wit and alert
where there is a necessity
for moves and designs
where there is a requirement
for reverse and forward
where there is an initiative
for a quick change
where there is an instigation
for a quicker shuffle.
Gamble would lead to a fumble
if transacted improper
leading to a tremble
ending up in a crumble.

Actions Poem

Down Below.

rich manWallowing in wealth
he lives in pomp
Splendour is the word
that takes him across.
Rides in mirth
and revels in joy.
Alas! he is unable to swallow
as he has a hole in the hollow
down below the throat.

Actions Poem

The Will And The Way

bulging eyesShe has a deep swell
around the eyes.
Bulging it closes the eyes.
it is not painful says she.
it is neither disturbing too.
Amazed at her predilections
I stay confused.

She goes about her way
doing her chores in perfection
With one eye workable
she does perform adorable.
Drives, works, cooks
does gardening too.
Amazed once again
I remain astonished.

it is not the lack
that affects work.
it is not the fault
that cancels actions.
It is the determination
that works wonders.
Where there is a will
there is a way.

Actions dream Poem thoughts

Dreams Across.

dreamsDream is a reality
in a far-fetched sense
calling for a creativity
with an attempt intense
going with it is an uncertainty
but an attempt hence
is no way a hindrance absolutely

Dream is a sketch of the mind
a plan imaginary
drawn in the broad canvas
not in paper bonded
but in the sheet of the mind
an alibi proposing a carry out
with no obstacles and hiccups.

Dreams lead to a progress
as the mind works out
both in sleep and while awake
drawing a modus operandi
as how to execute and how
to go forward in a form
appropriate and with relevance..