attempt peace Poetry

The Plan

A strain I feel

keeps me indeed

it ties me to an imaginary

a phobia  greatlly  unnecessary

creates a panic and fear

Unnerves and tears

an attempt to come out

should be planned  in and out

well that be the look out

in the days throughout

to rest in peace

and thrive as well.


Oust The Opponent.

Thinking in line to outbeat
very concentrated on the overthrow
went he ahead in a measured flow.
Keeping silent for a time
then moving discreetly on time
he entered the spree very specifically
sending messages to the opponent’s friends
pretending to be noncommittal in his trends
then he slowly encroached the much guarded fray
getting across with a smooth dash in a swayAoust
that being the plan he had thought so long
got it finally to a proper form
forcing the exit of the opponent
and paving the path soft for his denouement.

Actions dream Poem thoughts

Dreams Across.

dreamsDream is a reality
in a far-fetched sense
calling for a creativity
with an attempt intense
going with it is an uncertainty
but an attempt hence
is no way a hindrance absolutely

Dream is a sketch of the mind
a plan imaginary
drawn in the broad canvas
not in paper bonded
but in the sheet of the mind
an alibi proposing a carry out
with no obstacles and hiccups.

Dreams lead to a progress
as the mind works out
both in sleep and while awake
drawing a modus operandi
as how to execute and how
to go forward in a form
appropriate and with relevance..