Actions heritage Poem

Beyond The Bamboo

kottanIt is a bamboo basket
small and cute
set in yellow and red
a lovely blend
used in occasions auspicious
thought to bring wealth
prosperity and a lineage
by a small trading community
down south of India
known for its artefacts
and architecture
They live in sprawling mansions
with a modest appendage
saving and spending little
giving a part of their revenue
to temples and charity
a munificence little known.
The basket in talk
is one of their many
cherished handicrafts
simple and less expensive
while their gold, diamond
jewellery look amazing
their silver articles excel in
workmanship and beauty.
Like the basket ordinary
the people apparently are simple
soft and strong in accounts.
The rich heritage is
waning like the moon
where modern trend
has taken its toll


The Prince Charming.

Prince-CharmingThe Prince charming
came in the horse
got down chivalrously
walked past the aisle
under the moonlight
climbed up to the bower
where the beautiful princess
was lying down peacefully
in a cot made of ivory
on a bed made of golden flakes
over a handcrafted linen
with rose flowers strewn
all around emanating a fragrance
and aroma that gave a
pleasant feeling and pleasure
The Prince gently lifted
the Princess in his arms
walked past the corridor
where all the guards were
nodding their heads and half asleep
placed her on the decorated horse.
.and rode away faster than the wind

Actions Poem

In The Midnight.

empty nestWaking up in the midnight
got up with a start right
memories kept flooding in
of times when my sons were in.

Their voice calling “mama”kept ringing.
Unknowingly went walking
to their rooms in search of them.
Unlocking ran in to see them.

None was there to greet me
Only the empty beds stared at me.
Just ran my fingers through their bed
held their pillows to the bosom with eyes red.

They live in countries across the continents.
Each one away from the other in a land distant.
Talking and seeing in Skype in an instant.
Well that is how it has been destined.

Brushing aside the tears with trembling hands
made my way back to my room in a tottering stand
slowly slipped on my bed completely devastated
straining to close my eyelids to a complete rest.

mango Poem

The Big Tree

mango treeMangoes ripe and unripe are in exuberance
The tree provides an inspiring magnificence.
It is in all its glory reveals a patience
that overtakes a philanthropist’s munificence,

The mangoes deliver a colourful hue
with a predominance of green in the view
a pleasant golden-yellow in the intermittent through
Altogether the tree stands out for elegance true.

Boys hurl stones on the mango tree
with that the mangoes fall free
collecting them in a hurried spree
rush away in a delightful glee.

Birds and bats bore deep into the pulp yellow
Suck the juice and tear the flesh with a disallow
throw the half eaten fruits on the ground low
causing a disarray and mess in a follow.

The big tree remains still and silent.
unmoved by the attacks of earth’s tenants.
Keeps on yielding fruits bearing no remnants
growing tall year after year in eminence.

painting Poem


paintingsThe lovely canvas was painted
and was hung in the living room.
It was a classic work of art.
in a colourful gay hue
enhancing the decorum
restoring the cordial
solicitations that was once found
Paintings bring to light
the memories bright
enlivening the soul
by an impressive flight.