Actions Love Poem

Circumscribing Love.

Love takes everyone by its passion.
Talking about love is a fashion
as love is a theme of fusion
where two beings get together without reason.

The physical love is extraneous
focusing on the sensuous
pitching on the amorous
prolonging on the romance arduous.

Writings on love get famous
as they are most populous
presenting a subject glamorous
enjoyed by young and old as delicious.

Love is circumscribed thus
into a narrow fold of buzz
where man and woman do guess
speaking out sweet nothings in a dialect less.

Love extends beyond the body
as it stretches towards things more hardy
like that of affection, interest, patriotism in brands handy
It has no boundaries as it sets itself on aspects trendy


Actions Poem


Appeasing the Gods has been from yore.
Rituals differ according to the course.
Gods stay alone under the roof
as a means to ward of nature’s hoofs.

The roofs undergo a periodical update
with consecrations and extensions to date
aligning it to modern structural designs
decorating the premises to suit his signs.

Happen to see lot of eyes closed and praying
when gallons of milk was poured with a beaming
pride and demeanor on the heads of the deities
attempting to appease the divine dignitaries.

My eyes did not remain closed for long
as they perceived a child singing a song
on the roads of cities with a broken hood
crying for a dime which could buy her food.

Waking up from reverie found all hands folded
trying to find the sublime in the closeted
while the real divine, the hungry child, walks around
seeking alms to appease her hunger by going through the surround..

hungry child

Actions kitchen Poem

Breaking The Fast

The morning was pleasant
With the newspapers in one hand
and with a phone on the other hand
woke up to the world’s call
of news from all parts to read
of information from the family to heed.
The time for breakfast was moving on
with nothing in way of preparation.
ran to the kitchen dry
to work on a dish of deep fry
which came out with a fine taste
sat down to eat it with no haste
winding up with a cup of hot teatea