Actions Poem

The Falsities

The falsities in life are many
To quote a few in the lighter vein
I need the permission of those
who go with it out of necessity
and others who go for it for cosmetic
I also take part with them
to camouflage the original with a fake
an order to look bright and young
with lovely teeth,glossy black hair.
satin glow skin,startling figure
and shining smile with pearl white teeth.
They are consolations for those who have lost
and an added charm for those who need an enhancement.
Falsities outward are harmless and permissible
but catch ups of fraud in the mind are cantankerous
and spiteful endangering the species and the world.


Actions Poem

The Party

Expecting lot of fun and frolic
the children went with great rejoice

There was a large gathering
all in a lovely clothing.

Girls in pink and ladies in red
who had assembled took the lead.

Boys in blue and men in white
followed them throwing a lovely sight.

A delicious dinner was awaiting
while the fragrance was enticing.

The party began with the speech
soliciting all with a reach,

Other speakers spoke in length
of the host’s positive strength.

The audience wriggled in stiff bore
as the address went beyond yore.

The children were nodding their heads
as sleep coaxed them to go to bed.

The adults lost interest in the stuff
as it was almost a bluff.

Restless there was a move
with the guests.walking out in rows

The speakers continued their address
unmindful of the obvious redress.

The dinner turned cold and insipid
as the hours waiting for none passed rapid.

The clock struck twelve in the night
and the dinner laid grand was left without a bite,

Beauty Haiku

The valley-Haiku.

valleyThe lovely valley
has many ups and downs
difficult to tally

Actions Poem thoughts

Hide And Seek.

hide and seekIt is a game they call
It is hide and seek.
it is a child’s play
with one hiding
and one finding.
How many places
they find to hide?
How many ways
they seek to find?
Spots which else
not known to many
get to be discovered
with a strain unfelt.
Hide and seek
goes in a form
lively and gay..
keeping the children
in a happy sway.
The game covers
the adults too
with an altered vision
where innocence gets away
comes in the impulsiveness
in a stealthy stream.
Concealing the presence
for reasons of corruption
is in vogue nowadays.
The cops engage in a seek
driving it hard in places
unknown and unheard of.
Hiding behind a veil
to keep away from shame
has taken a turn at present
while the ignominy strikes through
the ashamed gets out
getting behind someone .
A game of the young
has become a game of
the adults too
not for joy and love of it
but out of necessity and disgrace.

Actions Poem

Between You And Me.

between you and meI overheard a long talk
transpired behind my back.
Two women were talking
with such closeness
perhaps they would be sisters
or could be also friends.

The one was saying softly
Look, I am going to tell you something
It is of high importance.
It is between you and me.
Never let it out at any cost
as it centres round the elites.

Sharpening my ears I eaves dropped.
The second with curiosity high wrung
came very close to the first one.
The first one seemed to literally bite the ears
With rapt attention I stood there like a pillar
my anxiety was mounting and overwhelming.

In a hushed voice the first one said
that a high-placed family of the town
is under scrutiny of the investigation team
for malpractice, malevolent attitude and
swindling billions in the guise of imparting education.
Taken aback I made my way across the lane.

Getting back home switched on the television.
Every channel flashed the news with colourful
pictures and photos of the family which was
so confidentially revealed an hour back
by the two women and overheard by me with strain
with the tag “between you and me”.