Actions Poem tree

The Halo Around.

A big tree mesmerises me all through.
Spreading like a canopy wide and large
The bright green leaves throw a cluster.
Branching out in all ways far and wide
giving shade in directions almost over
east,west, south and north all four
calling all to come and rest under her
giving all the best it can to every being.
flowers to those who love them
fruits to those who like them
shelter to those who come under her.
what not she gives liberally
what els she has to give freely..

Beating the billionaires in their philanthropy
the tree stands erect. and magnanimous
Outsmarting the religious in their charity
the tree looms large and generous.
Overcoming the Blue Cross in their care for animals
the tree throws a large heartedness
Exceedintreeg the Red Cross in their service
the tree forges ahead. in magnitude
Surpassing all educational institutions in imparting learning
the tree glorifies wearing a halo around her.
The Tree, enlarges in eloquence
She is an impasse Great and Divine.

Actions Poem

The Play Of Rain

NHang-dryot knowing when the rains would come
hung the clothes to dry in the sun shine
As had no work went to sleep in the bedroom
I slept like a log and the time was nine.

I got up after I heard the calling bell.
Drawing the curtains found to my dismay
that it had been raining like hell.
I ran towards the yard in an array..

The clothes were soaked in water.
Took them and placed them in the dryer.
After wrenching every drop of water
hung them once again in the open yard near the foyer.

The sun had come out fully and shining.
As there was no sign of rain anymore
went out with my friend who had come calling.
Spent some time with her in a shop called Baltimore

Spending a few hours with her made my way home.
Lo! the rain clouds were again gathering fast
chiding myself I hurried back home
hoping to reach home before the rains start

I had been a few minutes late and the rains had come.
This time it was a thrash and a torrence.
My clothes were once again drenched wholesome
forcing me again to carry the work in all reverence.

Actions Poem

Humor At Large.

The girl in pink
wrote a letter in ink
asking her friends to think
not to merely blink.

Her friends failed to do
as they were a lazy duo
could not think in a flow
but gave each other blows.

The girl felt dull
as she could not pull
her friends from the null
as they flopped full and full.

She let them go
to a place of snow
where the standard is below
so that they could learn slow.
girl in pink