Actions collapse. Poem

A Momentous Collapse.

dead in a second.Known for her integrity
keeping away from curiosity
reserving herself to herself
talking not a word more
disciplined and straight
she walked and talked
She collapsed literally
when she faced a blame
that too from an unexpected end.
She burst out not in anger
but at the venomous bite
sharp, strong and stinging
broke her into pieces
left her paralysed for a moment.
Gathering strength she regained
from the momentous assail
got back her strength and attitude
that had been with her all through the years.

Actions Poem

One Man’s Meat.

Talking straight is a trait.
Liked by a very few.
Not palatable to many .

A guy standing out of the crowd
speaks nothing but the truth
in no terms to bargain.

He is an odd man out speak-truth
in this world of adjournments
where there is lot of adjustments.

He talks little with sharp wit
Speaks out only when called for
never aligning himself to a faux pas

That being so he lives on
in a place of his own happy
living in great harmony

Our man with a tongue
speaking ideals earns not more
as praise or money.

He is not praised
None eulogise him
Yet he lives honourably.,

Actions Poem

Pasta Sumptuous

PastaCooking the pasta in haste
with pumpkin and corn
the chef smeared spice liberally
added finely chopped chilly to taste
mixed tamarind juice to enhance the gleam
spruced it up with butter and cheese.

Decorating the pasta with parsley leaves
adorning it with lascivious little tomatoes
that appeared like corals and rubies
setting it in a flowered ethnic china plate
laid it in the elaborately arranged buffet table
along with pastries grilled potatoes and milk shake.

The pasta looked so sumptuous and elegant
very tempting, deliciously attractive and fragrant
Each one took a large share of the enticing pasta
Sat down to eat with expectations high
The host in his best attire was beaming
A spoon of it in the mouth brought a frown
as the delicacy lacked the main ingredient salt.

Actions Experience Poem thoughts

House Secure

locked house. Locking up my house
shutting all doors and windows
setting the security alarm on
installing the surveillance camera
posting a guard outside
flew to different lands far and wide
enjoying the scenic vegetation
interacting with the natives
taking note of their architecture
and tasting the food of the alien land
As everything has to come to an end
returned home with revived cheer
Espying the normalcy and decorum
Opened the door happy to be back
Then flung the bedroom door ajar
found a fluffy white cat lying snugly
on my bed curled like a ball.
Disturbed by my entry she got up
walked past me coolly beguiling
the guard, the alarm, the camera
ridiculing all in one go.

Actions Poem

Jack And Jill -Different.

jack-and-jill-nursery-rhymeJill went up the hill
Jack came in the back
Jill ran fast till
Jack followed the track.
Jill called in a voice shrill
Jack answered like a crack
Jill reached the hill
Jack climbed up with a knack.
Jill saw MR. Bill.
Jack met Miss Black.
Jill and Bill ran down the hill.
Jack and Black tumbled down the track.