Actions Poem

A Climb

Red berries
on the ground for long
become dry and wrong
losing their song.

Red berries
gathered at once
look fresh and round
increasing their bound.

Right thing
at the right time
gets ahead with a chime
proposing a climb
red berries

Antarctica Experience Poem

Antarctica Calls

With the sun at its peak
did not know wherein to sneak
as the electricity was erratic
causing a fatigue chaotic
rushed out to the portico
with a book on Antarctica.

Reading through found
that there was no bound
as the continent lay on ice
where sun is never on the rise
It is always bitter cold
and nothing is sold.

Reading further started to shiver
pulled the shirt in a quiver
as the narration headed towards
Eskimos made me move forward
settling in a posture of riding a sledge
pulled by the reindeer crossing the dredges.

They ate the meat raw and fresh
said the pages without a stress
which brought a distaste in the mouth
unbearable to brook turned South
to the region where sun shines
radiating heat across the lines.



Actions change Experience Poem

Out Of Range

My cousin is a bookworm
always reading in terms
with his thick glasses on
he read on an on
forgot to eat
was not neat
wearing a faded trouser
One day he got an offer
from a leading university
as Professor of History.
Mind you he became
stylish all the same
an overnight change
very much out of range .

Actions greed Poem

Stealth Cat.

A sparrow sitting on a bough
singing merrily high above
came down in a speedy flight
seeing a morsel of bread on sight
a big fluffy cat came chasing
as the little sparrow was descending
forcing the bird to a hasty retreat
as the cat wanted to have the entire treat
The morsel was in fragments small
not enough for the cat’s call
but adequate for the sparrow
Cats are known for their stealth and sly
as greed always has its way
the cat got nothing out of its try
but successfully made the little bird fly.

cat and sparrow,