casual change Poetry ritual worship.


Prayers  change for the better

pray with  a full heart

an attempt with half heart

would turn bitter.

Pray for you not alone

think of others known or unknown

let not your mind be blown

with thoughts of your own.

Worship is an exercise

best be in solitude

the new found franchise

diffuses the amplitude.

Most  talk about the rituals

ignorant of the factual

impose in a manner casual

end up in chaos eventual.prayers

Actions change Experience Poem

Out Of Range

My cousin is a bookworm
always reading in terms
with his thick glasses on
he read on an on
forgot to eat
was not neat
wearing a faded trouser
One day he got an offer
from a leading university
as Professor of History.
Mind you he became
stylish all the same
an overnight change
very much out of range .