Actions Poem witchcraft.

A Witch In A Woman.

witchcraft.A woman in her mid sixties
behaves quixotic
Walks in a peculiar way
moving sideways
speaks with no sense
always bragging
thinks she is beautiful
which she is not
performs black witchcraft
for malignant references
against her in-laws
mostly on a family
as she is jealous of them
They progress in spite of
these manifestations
and the manipulations
her husband does
by denying their birth rights
and inheritance
Such people do exist
and do unnatural
rites to bring doom to
the family they envy.

Actions Poem

My Knee

????????????????????????????????????????The knee which has borne me through
which has held my weight all through
which had made me walk with style
which helped me fold and squat,
which stood me at all times
is slowly giving way.

Actions Haiku

Great And Humble -Haiku

great and humbleGreat you be
in deeds,thoughts and action
humble in behaviour.

Actions Enrichment Environment Poem

The Commitment Be Yours Too

organic farming
A man and his wife
lived humble with a strife
in the outskirts of a city
away from the rumble.

They had no issues
lived with mango trees
and coconut palms
in the shady realm.

They did organic cultivation
using leaves and waste in proportion
as potential manure to stimulate
the trees and enrich the land,

They pumped water from tanks
using solar power without any prank
the man and his wife thus
contributed to the wellness of land

Their yield was remarkable
while their products were chemical free
all in one stroke they
enhanced the land and man.

Their field was shady
the heat was minimal
the area looked so pleasant
different from the rest.

They are philanthropists
in their own way
contributing to the environment
by deploying techniques excellent.

Actions Anger Poem

Take Care.

A little while ago
in the early hours
while getting up from bed
the telephone rang.

Gathering the body together
Took the receiver
heard a loud laugh with
a noise of clearing the throat.

Little bewildered on one side
and bit amused on the other
in a tone angry shouted
Hello , hello, hello thrice.

The laughter did not stop
went on for a few seconds
and a voice gruff
spoke in mono syllables

Take care of you
Take care of your belongings
Take care of your safety.
followed by loud laughter.

The voice was familiar
but changed to deceive
It was my friend’s
who plays such games for fun.

Fun or real
such calls are annoying
and cause a fear and dislike
early in the morn.