Writing is passion
making me go beyond reason
is it treason? writing


Taken off—– Haiku.

Having taken off
for a ride by men
she became mad. rape

Actions Poem

Mind blowing.

The mind-blowing
issue went flying
in the air like a kite
going up and up
to heights unknown
with people talking
and talking for
and against it
in voices low
and high
blowing out of
proportion the
ordinary feud
that raked up
into the skies
igniting it with a fire
that tried to burn
the whole milieu
into tatters
finally falling down
as embers form
high above mind blowing


A Vanquish

Let me tell you
that there is going
to be a happy event
that of a victory
of man over his greed
in a short while as of now
he is going to conquer it
by his wisdom and control
aiming to become a human
once again with a chest full
of sympathy and understanding.
Do not have your fingers crossed
as if it is not going to happen
since two minds would bring a fallout
as this is the most important attempt
for mankind even glorious
than man stepping on the moon
for this vanquish would be recorded in
red in the annals of history
as a day of Contentment
while we celebrate days for fathers,
mothers, love, independence and
what ever comes across in our life
this would stand tall dwarfing
all other days in relevance and spirit.
valentine's day

Nature Poem


The grass is green
as all of us know
It has a lustrous sheen
with a sparkling gleam
as the dew settles
on the blade glistening
like diamonds
which most of us not know
as we go ahead with our chores
working,eating, and sleeping
unaware of the beautiful parade
which Nature displays in the morn.
never calling for an advertisement
it happens in a regulargreen grass stream
with the stream we go out to the
next charming array of nature
where the blue waters of the stream
flows noiselessly into the mighty ocean
roaring with a hefty voice echoed in the mountains
that takes us to another form of nature
massive and royal beaming with pride
enfolding again a green luxury of trees
verdant and imperious providing
a feat to the eyes and assuaging the mind.
Well to the green grass sailed by the stream
and reached the mountainous top
all in one go awe-inspiring and exotic.


Newspapers On The Tread

Reading through the papers
find news not of peace
but of death and murder
that of robbery and accident
of late much of rape and death
little ago about divorce and separation
In the business journals read about
scams and scandals in the offing
insider trading and Ponzi schemes
causing a lot more of scoffing
that of manipulation in auctioning
of money laundering and depositing
in Swiss banks for high security.

Newspapers carry news from all directions
news not of merit but of discredit
leaving not the sports world alone
where sex determinants and inducer
play a havoc while misbehaviour
and rude talk enter the galore
robbing the spirit of the games.newspapers
Not reading the news would prove a blessing
as we are not aware of the crudities of man
believing that he still remains a human
much above the animals in reason and behaviour.
But as all that goes not well with man
as he succumbs to pressure and tempers
losing his humanitarian spirit and kindness
which go to make a remarkable difference.


Actions Poem

Sup Sup.

Sucking his thumb
with the noise
the baby sat quiet
in his pram
while the mother
went shopping around
buying grocery and
vegetables for a week.
Piling the bought
in a big bag
the mother pushed the pram
while the baby was sucking
sup, sup in tune.
Meeting an old friend
the mother started talking
forgetting the baby
and the shopping bag.
A man noting the mother’s
carelessness dodged in
made good of the baby and the bag.
The baby still sucking his thumb
lay undisturbed.
The man pushed the pram
by the dingy and ran
with the grocery in speed.
The little one was
peacefully sitting calm
making a noise

Actions Poem


A way of reluctance is seen in me late
as it always interrupts my course be it fate
and sets a break in the move in a rate.

Reluctance has grown with age
removing the little flexibility I had in age
to a status of going on my own stage.

Reluctance to accept the feign and lies
forces me to keep away from such guys
seeking the intricate base through the eyes.

Reluctance to be in the limelight for years tall
by not giving a chance to the peers
has made me an introvert mere.

Reluctance to amass wealth by betraying the rightful
rejecting the wealth and reputation blissful
has dubbed me a disenchanting fool.

In a way reluctance has helped me to stand above all
Losing much in financials but in nothing else I stand tall
in pride and contentment dashing other’s snarl.