Actions Poem

The Crow And Rice.

I keep rice to the crows
everyday before I take lunch.
This has been my practice for years.
never once I have forgotten to do so.

A few days ago felt very sick
Tired to move about lay in bed
did not prepare food myself
so no rice for the crows.

Right at half past one
the crow came to the spot
Seeing no rice to peck
started to caw with a drawl.

Tossing in my bed with high fever
could not make out the time
hearing the crow’s call
knew it was half past one.

Gathering myself with difficultycrow.
made my way to the kitchen
finding nothing than a bun
placed it on the spot.

The crow from a distance
looked at my feverish move
came towards the bun
smelt it and flew away.

Actions Poem thoughts


surrender.Creating an endowment
needs great sensitivity.
Taking it up all throughout
requires an endurance.
Maintaining its decorum
necessitates a tact.

Withdrawing from it
is a plain surrender
exposing the inadequacy
exhibiting the frugality
laying bare the inefficiency
altogether a fallacy.

The give up raises reasons
leading to discussions
dissecting the pros and cons
finally lending an acceptance
and sealing the chapter
closing the issue thereon.