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Bespectacled Boy

Miltonboy under street light.Under the street light
a boy was reading
wearing thick glasses
and torn trousers.
Straining his eyes
already bespectacled
he was memorizing
Peeping over in anxiety
found out finally
the name of the poem.
“On His Blindness” .
a sonnet that ends
“They also serve who only stand and wait”
a fitting tribute to both Bard and boy.

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Ode To The Eyes.

Eyes are beautiful.
The bigger they are
the more charming they look.
The wider they are
the more lovelier they appear.
The lengthier they are
the more attractive they seem.
The narrower they are.smiling eyesteraful eyes
the more finer they pose.

Eyes speak volumes.
The happier they are
the more blissful they look.
The sadder they look
the more tearful they appear.
The more anxious they are
the more resourceful they seem.
The more loving they are
the more graceful they pose.

Eyes are expressive.
Eyes reveal kindness in the go
by liberally sharing the largess with all.
They give out a sobriety in the run
by carefully intimating the danger to all.
They show a feeling of discrimination in the move
by sincerely pinpointing the good from the bad to all.
They light up when they see their loved one
by beckoning to him with a passionate invitation.