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Nature Has its Way

Defying Nature is irreverence,

Beware Of nature’s wrath

Destroying  Nature is  transgression,

Fear Nature’s  fury,

Deriding Nature  is sacramental,

Keep away from Nature’s anger.


Nature has  its own way,

Care and destruction  occur in a sway,

Remitting a fondle and a raid,

Extending an embrace and a tirade,

Holding up the righteous and good,

Deleting the indecorous  and bad.


Nature has its own way,

Dealing with ailments in a  fray,

A leaf dispels upsets in a quickness,

A shrub dismisses  pain in a  raciness,

A bark disproves strain in a firmness,

Curing all setbacks  without a suspense.



Nature has its own way,

Revenging  the teasers in a  day,

Ravages the land with indignation,

As it enacts a river’s spate,

As it fumes into a volcanic  irate

As it devours all in a stormy agitate