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Fragrance -Both Ways

Red roses and yellow  poppies toss in the air,

The white jasmine and pink lotus dazzle over,

The wet green grass and the  hedges shine across,

A pleasant fragrance slides and engulfs the environ.


The Camphor trees and Benzoin trees stand erect,

The Mango and Neem trees spread their branches,

The Coconut and Palmyra tree grow upright,

A scintillating fragrance flips out and embraces the environ.


The atmosphere thus weighs heavily with aroma,

Pleasing the nostrils  and embalming the mind,

Rejuvenating the spirit and  filling up the heart,

The fragrance brings  out a significant joy.


Smoke from vehicles and fire cling close,

Dust and fumes create a suffocating choke,

Bothering the lungs and the respiratory track,

A carbon emission   that needs to be condemned.


Modern trend is to inhale impure air,

Trees ,flowers and hedges are relics of the past,

The pale dry brown has overwhelmed the lively shining green,

Paving way to a stifling ,strangling disaster.